Rain Barrel

rnbrrlI’ve always wanted a rain barrel but never got around to it.  Now I wonder why I waited so many years.

I picked up a perfect plastic barrel at a farm supply store near Seguin.  It only cost $28.00 after tax and fit easily in the back of my car.

I brought it home and put it on two nicely leveled cinder blocks I had sitting around.  The top of the barrel has a nice square hole over which I stretched some windows screen on a wooden frame made by cutting pieces of wood at 45 degree angles. This will keep out the debris and mosquitoes.  Don’t like mosquitoes.  The top of the barrel also has a slot where the overflow can pour.  I just had to shorten the downspout from the gutter over the garage and put the angled end back.  Too easy.

It took me around 30 minutes to set up.  All I have left to do is get a faucet and attach it near the bottom.  Can’t wait for some rain now.