Dreamblog – Mansion Job


I was exploring the grounds off a massively large and apparently abandoned sprawling house complex. It seems more commercial than a residential building. At one point I was inside and wandered into a room with some people in it. It was a strangely angled room. They told me to leave so I walked past a door and toward another.

As I opened the exit door, the guy stopped me. He asked why I chose that door. I told him by the angle in the wall I could tell that it was obviously the way down the stairs. He was impressed that I chose wisely and asked me to stay.

I was met by a scientist who brought me to a kitchen pantry. We walked into the pantry and stood in the middle. The floor started to descend like an elevator. When we stopped we were in a very messy living/lab area. There was trash all over the floor and at least 7 children of different ages. The area was quite large.

I was lead to the attached laboratory area. I can’t remember what I saw there. They were thinking about offering me a job there though I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing. I looked around at the mess and thought that I would enjoy cleaning up the place. Outside was a large swimming pool. I figured I might be cleaning, taking care of the kids and perhaps helping out in the lab when possible.

I realized that I had not gone to work at my old job today. They would be wondering what was going on. I went to tell them that I was looking at another job. They told me OK but be back to work by Friday.


This dream is probably related to my current life. I just spoke to the Mayor of the nearby small town in which I belong to the community band. He mentioned that he may have a job for me and will send me an email about it later. I have no idea what it is but am anxious about it considering I’ve been at my current new job for only 3 months and it pays well and is tolerable. Still curious to see what the other has to offer.

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