No Cuts Please!

cuttingThere was a time, back in the day, WAAAY back in elementary school, when we learned that cutting in line was not acceptable.

“Hey!  No Cuts!” we would say when someone tried to walk into the front of the line ahead of those of us who waited patiently.

It saddens me to see that that life-lesson is no longer taught.  My daily commute to work never ceases to raise my ire as I spend a very long time waiting in a 3 mile long line at the highway off-ramp just to see people zoom past me and cut into line way up in front.   Each person who does so makes the rest of us have to wait even longer.  Feel the burn!

So when did this become acceptable behavior?  Did they not learn that cutting in line is evil?  Just because they are illegal aliens doesn’t mean they have a license to be crude.

Do they feel that that is OK because they are encased in steel and glass and are protected from repercussion from us nice people?   After all, what can we do about it?  We should not allow them to do it by keeping the line tight.  That is expecting too much skill from the masses.  Besides,  Cutters are often extremely insistent.

So what is to be done?  Am I jousting at windmills? Should I give up being nice and become one of the cutters?  It would sure save me a lot of time waiting in line with commoners to just jump in up front.  Screw everyone else.  I’m the only one on this planet who matters anyway so make way bitches! Coming through whether you like it or not!