My pretend family

prtndfmlyToday I drove my Motor-home RV to my mom’s house just for an excuse to test drive it after all the work I’ve done on the fuel system.  On the way home I stopped to get a few gallons of gas before I take it to the storage place tomorrow.

As I was pumping my gas, the guy in the next stall peeked around the pump and said, “Y’all coming or going?”  Meaning going camping or coming back.

I am often shocked when other people refer to me as “Y’all” since they are assuming that I have a family.  For a second there it was really nice of him to assume that I am a normal person who might be capable of having a family.  My mind whisked away for a few milliseconds thinking that for all anyone might know, I could have a wife, two kids and a dog inside my RV.  I might be a regular guy.

I made up answers to his questions as if I had been to the lake camping over the Independence Day weekend with my family like a normal person.  It was kind of nice.

I already blew my chance of having a pretend family with the people at my new job.  They already know I’m a lone wolf.  Fortunately, they accept me anyway.

Maybe I’ll find some random people on the internet and put their pictures in my phone in case I ever need to show pictures of my family.  That’s perfectly sane.  Right?