What if the Nazis won World War II

nziusflgI’ve often wondered what it would actually be like in the United States if the Nazis had won World War II and conquered the planet as they intended.

I’ve read a number of books and seen movies on the subject but they are all disappointing.  They all depict a dystopian society where everything is gray and everyone is unhappy and trying to return life to the way it was.  I would much rather see something centered around a happy Nazi rule.

What would be wrong with:

1. A strong central government with a single party able to easily pass laws for the betterment of society.

2. Everyone is the same race and religion ending the eternal pointless struggle.

3. Everyone has a job, healthcare and a home with a beautiful family to come home to.

4. Bad people would be quickly and permanently removed from society.

5. We would no longer have to spend a lot of time dealing with politics, politicians and elections.

6. Limits on the number of children can be set to prevent overpopulation.

7. We would have a high quality education system to make sure everyone contributes to a better life for all.

8. There could be limitations on travel so that there aren’t so many people wandering around aimlessly.

9. We would have an excellent space program because money would no longer be a limitation.  We would have already colonized the moon and Mars by now.

10. We would have excellent architecture.

I could sit here and think of so many more great things.  How could anyone not want to live in such a utopia?  Someone should write a book.  Let me know when it is ready.  I’ll buy it!