Reconsidering buying land in Colorado again

Actual picture of land I’m currently looking at.

A few years ago I obsessed over buying land in Colorado and moving to start a new life.  My ability to do so was and is blocked by family obligation.  That put me into a depression spiral on top of my existing depression.  Things got really bad before I finally let go and dug my way out.  It wasn’t the cause of my depression but it was a major contributing factor.

Now that my depression is officially over, I’m thinking about my future again but in a better way.   Retirement will be upon me eventually and my family obligation likely be over by then.  At that point I will need somewhere to go because staying in Hell’s Furnace Texas is not an option.

What would it hurt to actually buy a little land?  I still like the town I chose and the weather is awesome.  There’s a nice subdivision that is slow to grow and not suburban flavored.  I can buy .25 acres for $10-12K.   Even if I never moved, it could be a good investment if the time came to sell it.  If I did move, it would be a nice place to die.

I’m thinking that just owning the land would put me to some ease about my future life.  I could actually have a viable plan and something to look forward to instead of just existing day to day.  I can totally afford it and pay with a check.  It’s not even like I’m throwing the money away.  An investment in real estate is likely to be better than just cash sitting in a bank account.

I’m still in the wishful thinking stage but it is a realistic possibility.  The price is right and the place is right.  Is the time right?   That’s the real question.

When the time comes that I am allowed to move on, I am ready.  If I buy the land I will be even better prepared.  I could wait until that time is upon me but prices may be higher then.  If I find a better deal, I could sell that land I bought possibly for a higher price and afford it even easier.

As a bonus, buying Marijuana will be legal.  I would really like to try that stuff out but not while I’m working.  Drug tests, you know.

It is really hard to make such decisions even if it sounds like a win-win situation.  Fortunately I have plenty of time.

Maybe I’ll plan another trip up there and see the area again.  This time I’ll drive.