Tired of ADHD

spzToday there was a story in the news covering a little boy with “ADHD” who was handcuffed to keep him under control.  Everyone was mortified that the boy was handcuffed but I can see where this was totally necessary.  In fact, they should go even further and use a straightjacket.

In my day we had kids like this in school but they were called Spaz and sent away so the regular kids could learn properly without distraction.

I’m tired of people using ADHD to hide bad parenting.  It is not a disorder.  It is improper upbringing.  It is caused by parents who are too lazy to properly teach discipline when the kids are in desperate need of it.  These are the same parents who would lock a dog in a tiny kennel while they go to work or sleep.  Horrific!  Dogs, like kids, are supposed to run free and play.

Now that things have gotten WAY out of hand and parents are no longer allowed to discipline their children, we can expect things to get worse not better.  This whole thing of banning spanking was made up by the big pharmaceutical companies so they can sell high-priced drugs to treat symptoms that don’t exist.

It’s a shame the world is heading down this path of idiocy.  I had better expectations of the future when I was young.  Very disappointing.  I can’t even imagine how screwed up the Earth is going to be in another 10 years.  I’m sure glad I was a kid in the 70s and 80s.  I would not want to do it now.