Checking Bags in Movie Theaters

bkpkAfter the recent outbreak of movie theater shootings, they are getting ready to start checking bags as people enter.

Duh!  I would think that would be a standard good idea.  But first I have to ask the question, why are bags even allowed in movie theaters?  Why would a person even NEED a bag?

In my day we were not allowed to bring bags into theaters.  We would never even consider bringing a bag ANYWHERE unless we were going camping or to school. This thing about taking a backpack everywhere you go is a perplexing fad.  First, what could you possibly have to carry all the time?  All you need is a few pockets which contain your wallet, keys and phone.  Anything else is unnecessary.

Women, a different story but still mind boggling.  Travel light people!  It’s far better.  Keep it simple.  Keep life simple.