1982 Holiday Rambler – New grille and onboard inverter

grilleI found a great deal on a new front grille for my 1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial Class C RV.  It was actually on Amazon.com for $48.00.  I had considered just removing the old one, painting it and reinstalling it but a new one for $48 beats a repainted old one.

The old one came off fairly easily and the new one was a perfect match.  After moving some mounting hardware from the old grille to the new one I easily installed it.  The new one has a place for a oval Ford emblem which the old one didn’t have.  I ordered a used but good condition emblem off of ebay for around $4.00 plus a little shipping.  Awesome!

The inserts around the headlights were not included with the new grille so I cleaned them up and painted them an antique blue that matches some other highlights on the RV.

inverterI don’t really need it but I figured, what the heck.  Why not have an inverter.  I ordered a Xantrex 1500W inverter off of eBay for $155 and free shipping.  God, I love free shipping!

Mounting spots are limited on this RV but I found a nice spot in the generator compartment which is right next to the battery compartment.  I only needed a short run of gauge wire.  I bought a couple of 40 inch starter cables from Advance Auto parts and they bolted right in.

The inverter is uncomfortably close to the generator but 1)  I don’t use the generator much and 2) the generator has a good blower fan which keeps it relatively cool.  I don’t think heat will be a major issue here.  I’m good with that.

inverterremoteThe inverter came with a remote on/off switch on a long wire so I ran the cable through an existing hole underneath the dinette set bench, drilled a 1″ hole in the back and mounted the switch.

It’s not right in immediate traffic so it is unlikely to accidentally be turned on yet it is still handy right next to the couch where it will be used mostly to power the LCD TV and WDTV Live and/or a DirecTV DVR.

Well that was a fun set of projects and not too labor intensive.  Since that worked out well I think I’ll order a solar panel and charge controller next month.  Stay tuned.