Why gun violence is becoming so common.

sclshtingAfter the recent school shooting in Oregon by Christopher Harper-Mercer there has been renewed discussion about why things like this continue to happen.  I’ve given it some thought and I think I can answer the question.  There is a relatively simple cause and solution.

Gun laws are not the answer.  Limiting people’s ability to buy guns will only chip away another chunk of people’s happiness.   As we all know but tend to ignore, a bad person will always be able to get a gun.  Criminals don’t obey laws.  That’s the definition of a criminal.

Making mental health care available might help some people but when a person is mentally ill enough to go on a killing spree, he is extremely unlikely to walk in and ask for psychological help.  It doesn’t work that way.

Society in general is becoming more and more violent as time passes due to tightening regulation on how we live our lives.  Every day another law is passed that takes away the freedom of somebody.  As our happiness is slowly chipped away we become angrier until the rage explodes.

In its most basic form, our problem boils down to sex and money.

The ability of a man to obtain the required sexual release has been virtually taken away.  Back in the 1950s and earlier, when a man needed sex, he went out and got some.  Now with women’s self-righteousness, rape laws and prostitution laws and fridgidity, what is a man supposed to do?  The inability to relieve sexual tension leads to an eventual explosion of rage.   We can fix this by making prostitution legal and safe.  Simple.

What about money?  As our population continues to grow at exponential rates, the cost off basic goods and services rise.  A person can’t afford to buy the things he needs.  What can we do?   Raise salaries?  Yes, but that leads to even higher prices and he still cannot afford things.  Solution?  Get rid of all the extra people.  Bring things back to levels that the planet and the economy can support.  People are under immense pressure to eek out their living with overwhelming competition.

The essence of the problem is our worsening obsession with taking away the happiness of others.  Both the government and the busybodies out there are guilty of this.  Project forward 50 years.  What will life look like?   So many laws will be in effect that a person will do well to just go from home to work and back without being thrown in jail for something stupid.  You’ve seen those futuristic Dystopian worlds where everybody wears the same clothes and does the same things.    That’s where we are headed.

The world needs to get out of our business and let us pursue the happiness that we were promised. Mind your own business.  Let the world be free once again.