How much sleep do I really need?

slpngSleeping takes up such a large portion of each day and even though it is my favorite thing to do, it really cuts into my time.

They say an adult needs approximately 8 hours of sleep a day.  That’s the same amount of time I waste at work each day.   That’s 16 hours gone.

One hour drive to work, one hour for lunch and one hour drive back home.  That’s 19 hours.

That leaves 5 hours left for myself.  Spent wisely, that’s pretty good but I waste 4 of those hours on my second favorite activity, watching TV.   It takes me at least an hour to fall asleep after I go to bed so there goes the last hour.

Each day is pretty much filled.

What if I could spend less time sleeping.  Perhaps 4 or 6 hours would be enough.  Some people exist easily on just a couple of hours.  I wonder if that would work for me.  I get an average of 7 hours sleep each night and I have a hell of a time waking up and I’m tired all day.  Maybe I’m getting too much sleep.

Every night I think about trying staying up later and sleeping for about 4 hours.  It never works out for me because by 10:00 I’m so sleepy I just have to go to bed.  Besides, what would I really do with those extra 3-4 hours?  Watch TV?  Probably.

I could read if my eyes weren’t so heavy.  I could find time to finally play computer games.  I haven’t done that since my Atari 2600.  I always feel like there is no time yet when I have it, I generally waste it.  So much to do, so little energy.

One day I might force myself to try it when I have something I really want to do just to see if it works.  I’m always up for a scientific experiment.

I don’t know.  My mundane daily existence seems to have created its own rut that works well if I don’t think about it too much.  Maybe I shouldn’t mess with perfection.