Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

gtpmpknI just had an awesome idea!!

I was sitting all alone in the darkness watching “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” when the idea hit me.

It’s too late this year but maybe I’ll look into it for next year.  There are no legitimate pumpkin patches in San Antonio but there are many church yards that become “Pumpkin Patches” where you can go buy your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern donor gourd.  You know there must be a lot of extra pumpkins left on Halloween night.

What if I went and just sat in one for a few hours on a cool Halloween night.  Even better,  What if other people had the same idea and I didn’t have to be there all alone?  It seems like an idea that might catch on across the United States so that people without children and friends can have something to look forward to on a pointless evening.

It kind of seems like something that they would do in Austin where they like to keep it weird.  I did a google search and found nothing of this idea.  I think I’m the original.

I wonder how one would go about setting up an event.  Maybe if I found a church pumpkin patch that was especially sincere.  One that was without hypocracy for as far as the eye could see.  I could speak to them and see if they would be interested in allowing such a thing.  Being at a church it would possibly be a safer setting and not attract the wrong kind of people.  I wonder if they would take me seriously.

I’m just talking about a simple thing where lonely people might sit around in the patch and talk to each other and enjoy the evening.  It would be a shame if it eventually became commercial with food vendors, loud music and other hypocrisies.  Of course all good things end up going that way but for a while it could be a glorious event.

I wonder how I could publicize the event so that the right kind of people would know about it.

I hope I remember it in time for next year.  Would you wait for the Great Pumpkin with me?


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