ISIS. When are we going to get serious?

ISIS teacher showing student how to use weapons to kill infidels.

I’m watching Frontline on PBS.  They are doing a documentary on the rise of ISIS in Afghanistan.  In one scene, ISIS teachers are brainwashing small children to prepare them to kill infidels.  That means YOU.

There’s no doubt that ISIS is becoming stronger and unless the rest of the world gets serious about it VERY QUICKLY, we are all going to be living in a very unpleasant society.

New ISIS members are being recruited all around the globe.  It may already be too late.  While you sit around texting and watching reality TV, they are preparing.  Shit is going to happen and you are going to have no idea what hit you.

What can we do?  As long as we continue to live in our politically correct world of materialism, we can do nothing.  The only way to stop this from getting any worse is to act strongly and widely.  We need to either send in some major military action or just nuke them.  Yes there will be collateral damage but it’s them or us at this point.  We can’t screw around for much longer.

Right now the main control of ISIS is still in the middle east.  A widespread nuclear attack can nip this in the bud.  Once they set up headquarters in civilized nations, it will be to late.

The suicide bombings and shootings in Paris are just the tip of the iceberg.  I’ll bet you five bucks there will be action during Thanksgiving and Christmas Parades.  The Superbowl.  New Years in Times square.  There’s no way we can prevent it.

You know we are going to do nothing effective to destroy ISIS because we can’t.  We have become too pussified to even save ourselves..  We can only hope that nothing serious happens before a Republican President takes office and possibly has a little more courage to act.

I am old enough to remember a time when America was indeed great.  I’ve seen the drive for political correctness and safety take us to a point where any other country can walk all over us.  It’s sad.  You young people have no idea what it was like and what we are setting ourselves up for.

It’s about to get real, people!   You better wake up!