Stop shooting vertical video, people!!!

vrtvidOh My God people!  Stop holding your phone wrong when shooting video.

You see video that people have taken on their phones on the news all the time and 90% of it is vertical.  That’s a thin strip of video with two HUGE black bars on the left and right.  Annoying?  YES!

That’s what happens when you hold your phone vertically instead of horizontally like a television.

It continues to amaze me that people are that stupid that they would even WANT to shoot vertical video.  I figure they are either dumb as a box of rocks or just don’t give a shit.  Either way. STOP IT!

I wish the phone manufacturers would require a phone to be held horizontally before video can even be taken.  It should be impossible for someone to do it wrong.  Please Apple and Android;  Fix it because people are too dumb to do it right on their own.

One more time for the intelligence-impaired:vertvid2

Still don’t get it?  Watch this video:

Still don’t get it?  You are a total idiot.