Dreamblog – Floating

fltngI often have a lot of dreams where I am able to float through the air.  It’s not really flying.  It’s more like jumping in a low gravity environment.

Imagine the astronauts when they jump on the moon but with even lower gravity.   I am able to jump and float for quite long distances before coming back down.

It’s kind of strange that that element recurs so often in my dreams.  I never really think about such a thing in my conscious life.

I’ve read some of the interpretations of Flying Dreams and Floating Dreams but nothing there seems to be a good fit.  I guess it doesn’t really have to mean anything.  It’s just a good thing.

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Bill Cosby charged with Sexual Assault in Philadelphia

csbyToday, Bill Cosby was charged with Sexual Assault in Philadelphia involving a relationship with Andrea Constand.  She claims Cosby drugged her and assaulted her while she was unconscious.  So far a total of 50 women are claiming sexual assault.

I don’t know about you but there’s just no way. No possible way.

Why would such a nice guy ever even consider doing something like that?  He could have any women he wanted with just a word.  I think these bitches are full of crap and are either trying to cash in or are set up in some kind of masterminded plot to destroy the morale of the population.

Even if he had done such a thing I would think these chicks would be honored to have had sex with such a huge celebrity.

I’ll never understand this planet.  Bitches be crazy.


Dress like and adult

fncydrssSo I’m 47 and I dress like a kid. Well, I don’t feel like an adult so why should I dress like one?

It’s probably why I’m invisible to the opposite sex. Clothes do make the man (visible). I enjoy my shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops but am feeling increasingly self-concious when out and about.

I have multiple problems:
1. I don’t know what to buy.
2. I don’t have any situations where I would even be seen.
3. It’s damn hot in Texas. Clothes bad.

For people like me without a clue, there are websites like Bombfell.com an Fashionstork.com where they send you stylish clothing and you pay for it if you like it. It is kind of expensive at around $75.00 per item. Maybe it’s worth it for a while. Otherwise I would not have any idea what to buy at the store.

Problem 2 makes the solution to problem 1 difficult. If you don’t have anywhere to wear these clothes then what is the point of spending all that money? My life consists of work, lunch, home and eating out with Mom on Sundays. I would have little chance to even be seen in such fancy duds.

Problem three is even more of a bother. At 97 degrees in the shade, wearing any non-essential clothing really sucks. The first thing I do when I get home is to strip naked and evaporate under the ceiling fan. Clothes very bad.

I think my plan might be to subscribe to one of the clothes-an-a-box services for a while and see what I get in the off-chance that there may be an occasion where looking good would be of value. Who knows. Maybe women will be all over me at the local burger joint.

Yeah. That’s totally going to happen.


drmaWow.  I’m quite the drama queen aren’t I?

It’s amazing how often I lose sight of the big picture and end up down in the hole of micro-thinking.  How can I completely forget how good I have it and wallow in the despair of the few little things I don’t have no matter how important they may seem.  I guess I have to attribute that to human nature.

Human Nature is a bitch for sure.  She has a power that is simply amazing.  To be able to overcome simple logic in favor of stupid desire.  It’s crazy astounding!

I have GOT to come up with a way to remember who I am.  Enlightenment is so fleeting.  It takes a lot of suffering to attain it and when you have it it’s impossible to keep it.  Enlightenment is a handful of water.  No matter how hard you try, it will slip through your fingers and evaporate.

Dreamblog – The Steam Locomotive

stmlcmtvA friend had purchased an old steam locomotive.  It was parked at his house.  It was outside yet inside the house.   It was night but it was still light outside.  I was going to be sleeping in a cot and I wondered how I was supposed to sleep with the locomotive making all that noise.  A small fire was left burning in the tender because you don’t want to let it cool off if you are planning to use it the next day.

As I lay in my cot looking at it, it suddenly started to move.  It accelerated down the street and through the neighbor’s fences and disappeared.  I ran to tell my friend.  He ran down the street in it’s wake of destruction.   In the distance I could see debris on a rope that had become entangled in the engine flying around as the locomotive drove in circles.

When things quieted down, he came back up the street and announced that it had been damaged beyond repair.

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Lessons (Re)learned

cnfdncI spent a lot of today thinking about my recent Craigslist incident.

I was really depressed all day until I finally came to my senses.  It’s not the actual incident that bothered me.  It was what it may have revealed about myself.  Of course it was not something I had never thought of but it was the external validation that brought it to the surface in a bad way.

In the end, I relearned the forgotten lesson of long ago that says that one should not be concerned about what other people think.  This particular lesson is exceedingly hard to remember in this material world of vanity we live in.

I also relearned another old lesson.  Never share the things that make you happy.  When you do, the person you try to share it with will think it is stupid and utterly destroy your reality.  Always keep your happiness to yourself.

Overall I’m almost back to a good place with myself.  Relatively speaking.  Time heals all wounds.  Good thing my memory is so bad that I will soon forget what happened.  Too bad I forget the lessons too.  I’ve got to organize these things so I can get to them easily when they are most needed.

Dreamblog – Another nuclear explosion in San Antonio

mshrmcldI was driving out of the parking lot of Home Depot where I had just purchased a 50 foot pole. It was hanging out the back of my car and I tried to position it so that it would not pierce the windshield of the car behind me.

I turned out on to the road and fought the traffic as usual.  When I got to the turn into my mom’s neighborhood there was a line of cars waiting.  It wasn’t long but I didn’t want to wait so I passed the line on the right and planned to turn into the parking lot of the shopping center just past the street.

There was a row of policemen line dancing in the street.  It was the end of their shift and they were happy to be going home.

I turned into the parking lot and made my way to my mom’s house.  As I parked the car i looked up and saw a huge mushroom cloud rising into the sky.  A nuclear bomb!  It was huge and appeared to be not very far away.  I expected the shock wave but nothing happened so I went inside.

My mom had hired a handyman to do some painting and was showing me what he had done.  I told her about the nuclear explosion and we turned on the local news to see what was going on.  They were driveling on about sports as if nothing was happening.  I switched channels.  Not a mention of the Armageddon going on outside.

I looked outside again.  There was a block toxic fog rolling in.  I remembered the gas mask I bought on ebay a few years go so i went to get it.  I had another one at my house which was just behind my mom’s house.  I put on my mask and walked to my house.  As I was putting the mask on, I caught a breath of the toxic black fog.  It was really nasty.  I got the extra mask and returned to my mom’s house.

The air inside her house was perfectly fine.   It was late so we went to bed.  I looked out the window at the street light illuminating the area below it in the dense fog.  I walked to my mom’s room and told her that if it was still like this in the morning that we should evacuate.

I woke up not knowing if it was real or not.  I wondered why I would have waited until morning to evacuate.  We should have packed or basic stuff and left immediately.

I wonder what the regular people dream about.

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