New Star Wars. Not excited.

strwrsThe new Star Wars movie is about to hit the theaters.  I wish I was excited about it but I feel nothing.  Maybe because I was burned before with the last three.

Maybe it’s because of all the annoying marketing of crap that cheapens it.

Maybe because the original Star Wars was so special to me.  I was nine in 1977 when it the first episode came out.  It was the perfect age to be.  Star Wars was the first kind of epic movie with special effects ever.  It was new and fresh and amazing.   Now I see kids acting like it’s special to them but it can’t be.  There’s no way they could properly appreciate it anyway.  Fakers!

What’s with the stupid BB8 robot?  Why do people think is so special.  Looks like crap to me.  We don’t even know anything about it yet.

At least John Williams will be doing the music.  Points there.

At least the original actors will be back. Points there.

The story better be good.

I don’t know.  I’m not getting excited about it until I see it. I’ll let you know if it sucks or not.  I’ll see it in January after the masses have finished crowding the way.