Where is Political Correctness coming from?

nopcI just can’t figure it out.  Political Correctness has come out of nowhere and crippled the United States.  Where did this virus come from?

I’ve spoken to a lot of people and overheard conversations.  I’ve seen the TV shows mocking Political Correctness.  Nobody is Pro-PC so why is this happening to us?  Nobody likes it yet here it is.  Yet again my mind is boggling.

What is behind this?  Is it space aliens?  It must be because it is not the humans.  If it is the humans, why are they so hard to find and if they are so invisible, how do they have so much power?

Some of the new presidential candidates are admitted anti-PC.  I can only hope that we are not so badly infected that someone, anyone, can stop it.  Any anti-PC  candidate gets a big plus in my book.

This is such a weird time in Earth’s history.  I’m not sure if I’m excited about living in such strange times or not.  It’s both interesting and sucking at the same time.  When will we wake up from this PC nightmare?