Dreamblog – The new river

The actual ditch during a storm

I was riding my bicycle in the old neighborhood.  I rode past the house I grew up in and down the street to the ditch in which I spent much of my childhood.

I was gong fast after coasting down the steep hill.  I jumped the bike off the bridge into the ditch and was totally surprised to find myself in deep water.  This ditch was always empty except for a little trickle of water pooling here and there.  My bike floated upright like a boat which I thought was very strange but I was grateful.  I floated over to the side and got out.  I remembered my ipad which was in a holder on the frame of the bike.  I took it out.  The neoprene case I had it in was full of muddy water.  I wiped off the ipad but was afraid to turn it on.  I figured I had better let it dry for a week before seeing if it worked.

I rode downstream. At the next bridge there were some workers working on some kind of pump.  A large group of people were standing around near the bend. I stopped and asked them if they were turning the ditch into a real river.  I had always hoped that they would do that.  Somebody responded that I was correct.

I was so glad to hear that because San Antonio needs more water features.  All we have is the nasty San Antonio “River” which is just barely a real river.   It is supplemented by pumping from the aquifer.  It would really help the city feel much nicer if it had far more water features.  We have a great water recycling system that pipes water through purple pipe to the golf courses. Why couldn’t it be used to make the city a little more classy?

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