Not feeling Christmas this year

tinyxmsChristmas is really tiny this year.  I’m totally not feeling it.  It’s really a shame too because this is one of the few years that I was looking forward to the season.  Suddenly it is upon us.  Only three days until Christmas Eve and it feels like September.

I tried.  I went out and bought a real tree.  I decorated it.  Sparsely but decorated. I listened to Christmas music while walking around the neighborhood looking at the lights.  I played two Christmas concerts in my community band.   I forced myself to buy a few gifts for the immediate family but I still feel nothing.  For the next few days I’m going to binge on Christmas cartoons and see if that helps.

If not, i think Christmas may be officially dead.  Too bad for the kids these days.  They are missing out on all the magic that Christmas used to be.  Sorry kids.  That’s the way it goes.  You should have been born back in 1968 when Christmas was still awesome.

Me. When Christmas was awesome.