Wishing I was somewhere else


So it’s December 23rd in San Antonio.  I’m sitting here at work where our air conditioner has been broken all week.  The new part will not be here for another few weeks.  You might say, “At least it’s December.”  Well, it is, but it is 81 degrees outside and 85 inside.

Yes.  It could be worse.  In summer it would be 97 outside and I would hate to think what it would be inside.

To help make it bearable I’m looking at a live streaming webcam from a small town in Colorado in which I would love to live.   It is 27 degrees and gently snowing.  I’m like, “Ahhhhhhh!”    One day I will live there and kiss Texas a big goodbye forever.

I’m just about ready to start crying because it is so beautiful.  It’s the happy place I go to when life sucks here in San Antonio.