Dreamblog – Another nuclear explosion in San Antonio

mshrmcldI was driving out of the parking lot of Home Depot where I had just purchased a 50 foot pole. It was hanging out the back of my car and I tried to position it so that it would not pierce the windshield of the car behind me.

I turned out on to the road and fought the traffic as usual.  When I got to the turn into my mom’s neighborhood there was a line of cars waiting.  It wasn’t long but I didn’t want to wait so I passed the line on the right and planned to turn into the parking lot of the shopping center just past the street.

There was a row of policemen line dancing in the street.  It was the end of their shift and they were happy to be going home.

I turned into the parking lot and made my way to my mom’s house.  As I parked the car i looked up and saw a huge mushroom cloud rising into the sky.  A nuclear bomb!  It was huge and appeared to be not very far away.  I expected the shock wave but nothing happened so I went inside.

My mom had hired a handyman to do some painting and was showing me what he had done.  I told her about the nuclear explosion and we turned on the local news to see what was going on.  They were driveling on about sports as if nothing was happening.  I switched channels.  Not a mention of the Armageddon going on outside.

I looked outside again.  There was a block toxic fog rolling in.  I remembered the gas mask I bought on ebay a few years go so i went to get it.  I had another one at my house which was just behind my mom’s house.  I put on my mask and walked to my house.  As I was putting the mask on, I caught a breath of the toxic black fog.  It was really nasty.  I got the extra mask and returned to my mom’s house.

The air inside her house was perfectly fine.   It was late so we went to bed.  I looked out the window at the street light illuminating the area below it in the dense fog.  I walked to my mom’s room and told her that if it was still like this in the morning that we should evacuate.

I woke up not knowing if it was real or not.  I wondered why I would have waited until morning to evacuate.  We should have packed or basic stuff and left immediately.

I wonder what the regular people dream about.

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