Lessons (Re)learned

cnfdncI spent a lot of today thinking about my recent Craigslist incident.

I was really depressed all day until I finally came to my senses.  It’s not the actual incident that bothered me.  It was what it may have revealed about myself.  Of course it was not something I had never thought of but it was the external validation that brought it to the surface in a bad way.

In the end, I relearned the forgotten lesson of long ago that says that one should not be concerned about what other people think.  This particular lesson is exceedingly hard to remember in this material world of vanity we live in.

I also relearned another old lesson.  Never share the things that make you happy.  When you do, the person you try to share it with will think it is stupid and utterly destroy your reality.  Always keep your happiness to yourself.

Overall I’m almost back to a good place with myself.  Relatively speaking.  Time heals all wounds.  Good thing my memory is so bad that I will soon forget what happened.  Too bad I forget the lessons too.  I’ve got to organize these things so I can get to them easily when they are most needed.