Dreamblog – The Steam Locomotive

stmlcmtvA friend had purchased an old steam locomotive.  It was parked at his house.  It was outside yet inside the house.   It was night but it was still light outside.  I was going to be sleeping in a cot and I wondered how I was supposed to sleep with the locomotive making all that noise.  A small fire was left burning in the tender because you don’t want to let it cool off if you are planning to use it the next day.

As I lay in my cot looking at it, it suddenly started to move.  It accelerated down the street and through the neighbor’s fences and disappeared.  I ran to tell my friend.  He ran down the street in it’s wake of destruction.   In the distance I could see debris on a rope that had become entangled in the engine flying around as the locomotive drove in circles.

When things quieted down, he came back up the street and announced that it had been damaged beyond repair.

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