drmaWow.  I’m quite the drama queen aren’t I?

It’s amazing how often I lose sight of the big picture and end up down in the hole of micro-thinking.  How can I completely forget how good I have it and wallow in the despair of the few little things I don’t have no matter how important they may seem.  I guess I have to attribute that to human nature.

Human Nature is a bitch for sure.  She has a power that is simply amazing.  To be able to overcome simple logic in favor of stupid desire.  It’s crazy astounding!

I have GOT to come up with a way to remember who I am.  Enlightenment is so fleeting.  It takes a lot of suffering to attain it and when you have it it’s impossible to keep it.  Enlightenment is a handful of water.  No matter how hard you try, it will slip through your fingers and evaporate.