Dress like and adult

fncydrssSo I’m 47 and I dress like a kid. Well, I don’t feel like an adult so why should I dress like one?

It’s probably why I’m invisible to the opposite sex. Clothes do make the man (visible). I enjoy my shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops but am feeling increasingly self-concious when out and about.

I have multiple problems:
1. I don’t know what to buy.
2. I don’t have any situations where I would even be seen.
3. It’s damn hot in Texas. Clothes bad.

For people like me without a clue, there are websites like Bombfell.com an Fashionstork.com where they send you stylish clothing and you pay for it if you like it. It is kind of expensive at around $75.00 per item. Maybe it’s worth it for a while. Otherwise I would not have any idea what to buy at the store.

Problem 2 makes the solution to problem 1 difficult. If you don’t have anywhere to wear these clothes then what is the point of spending all that money? My life consists of work, lunch, home and eating out with Mom on Sundays. I would have little chance to even be seen in such fancy duds.

Problem three is even more of a bother. At 97 degrees in the shade, wearing any non-essential clothing really sucks. The first thing I do when I get home is to strip naked and evaporate under the ceiling fan. Clothes very bad.

I think my plan might be to subscribe to one of the clothes-an-a-box services for a while and see what I get in the off-chance that there may be an occasion where looking good would be of value. Who knows. Maybe women will be all over me at the local burger joint.

Yeah. That’s totally going to happen.