Zika – The virus we’ve been waiting for?

zkaAccording to the World Health Organization, the Zika Virus is “spreading explosively”.  This virus, commonly transmitted by mosquitos, is known for a brain abnormality called Microcephaly in children.

For many decades we’ve been waiting for the virus that will render the world infertile in order to reduce the extra population.   Although not exactly what we wanted, it has the potential as it spread around the world to make people think twice about having all those children.




Dreamblog – The Cornfield

crnfldI was driving a semi-truck in a small town not far from the city.  Someone was in the passenger seat.  We were with a group of people.  I followed the vehicle in front of me as he turned left onto a dirt road.  The tiny road ran along the left side of a corn field.  After about half a mile, we turned right and began following a path right through the corn which was brushing against the side of the truck.

As we reached the far side of the field we entered a clearing where we stopped.  There were some small storage sheds where we unpacked our bags.  I had with me about five shirts and one extra pair of underwear so I expected we were staying for five days.  I wondered how the underwear thing was going to work out.

It was warm and I was wearing a tank top and shorts.  A few of the guys were tossing around a Frisbee.   I was delighted when they tossed it to me like I was a regular person.  I caught it and backed up to throw it back.  It went off to the left.  It takes a lot more skill than you would think to toss a Frisbee straight.  They thew it to me a few more times and I got better at it.  There were some large storage racks like you would see in a warehouse that kept getting in the way.

A little later I walked down a path in the corn a little ways and found that there was a corn maze with a bunch of girls running around in it.   I went back to the group of guys I was with and told them about it.  They weren’t interested so I set off toward the maze by myself.

The path became a city street.  I saw someone I knew and asked them how to get to the maze.  They said to just go see Joe.  At the end of the street there were a bunch of people milling about.  There were a couple of cops leaning against something with their caps pulled down over their eyes, napping.  I figured they were paid off and there just for cover.

I joined a line of people who each picked up a black music stand and carried it into a building.  I did the same.  Inside was a guy with a forklift who then carried the stands back outside again.  After we put the music stand down we each picked up a box of books and carried it through a doorway where we stood in a short line.  At the end of the line we put the box down and a woman stood there with an immunization gun attached to a hose.  She immediately gave me a shot in the arm and pushed a pill down my throat like you would give medication to a dog.  It was a combination of amphetamine and marijuana.  We were not allowed to enter the maze without the shot and pill.

I woke up before I got to the maze.  Bummer.

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For Want of Nothing

It’s a nice cool January Friday night.  I’m sitting in front of the fireplace and watching a Harry Potter movie and noticing that I am quite happy.  There is absolutely nothing I desire, meaning I am blessed to have everything I need.  My life is actually quite perfect.

To have no desires is to be free.  I am free.


The Power of Love

drtydlYou might be expecting me to drivel on about how love changes your life.  Blah blah about how love is a wonderful thing.  Well, I know not of these things.

I’m about to share an observation I’ve made over the many years of my existence.  You have of course heard about how a person who is loved generally lives a longer life than those of us who do without.  I’ve noticed that love is not just an emotion, it is more of a force.  I’ve noticed that inanimate objects that you love will last far longer than a similar object that is not.

A car, for example, will last forever if it is loved.  My car just hit the 100,000 mile mark and still feels and acts like new.  I was recently even amazed when I noticed that the inside of my exhaust pipe is not even black or rusted.  It’s still shiny new metal.  My car has never even been in for any kind of repair.  As long as I don’t smash it I’ll bet it will last another 100K miles.

Take the same year and model car seen in the parking lot that the owner doesn’t love.  It’s looks like crap and probably spends a lot of time in the shop.  There’s something to that.

Toys are also good examples. (Not that cars aren’t toys.)  A loved toy stays in good condition where an unloved toy falls apart.  Computers are good examples too.  Unloved computers end up full of malware and viruses.

There are plenty of examples but all you have to do is look around.  Want to keep your stuff in good condition?  Love it or lose it!


I don’t like going to the movie theater anymore.

mvsI finally worked up the courage to go out to the theater and watch Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

I intentionally waited a month so that I would not have to endure a crowded theater.  I finally decided on a Tuesday evening after work.

It worked out well since there were only about 7 other people there. I had multiple choices.  3-D (Hell no!) , regular move or the version with the fancy sound.  The price was the same so I chose fancy sound.  Unfortunately I forgot my earplugs.  The volume was so loud I think there was blood coming out of my ears.  It really sucked so I went to the restroom and got some toilet paper to ball up and shove into my ear canals.  Glory!  I was able to enjoy the movie without having to keep my fingers in my ears the whole time.

A quality, powerful sound system is important but it doesn’t have to be set on kill.  Note to self, keep earplugs in your car if you ever go to another movie.

I don’t plan on going to the theater anymore.  I would have much preferred to pay the same price to watch it at home than to have to endure the unpleasantness.  I’m telling you now that it has to be a damn important movie to make me go to a theater ever again.

I once had a dream that I had a remote control and was able to control the movie from my seat.  It was awesome until they found me and threw me out.

All I’m asking is that people think.  Perhaps setting the volume to 15 is to loud.

Dreamblog – Bootcamp

btcmpMy dreams never cease to amaze me.

It was my first day in a military boot camp. I got off the bus and we were sorted into our groups. Somehow I and an old friend from elementary school, Duwayne, were select to join the women’s barraks. We were told it was because we were short. Duwayne was short but I’m over 6′ so it didn’t make sense. I think it was because we were computer geeks and they didn’t think we were capable of the strenuous workout ahead. They might be right. I was kind of glad for that but expected to be severely harassed by the guys.

As we were unpacking some of the guys came over and showed me a wireless router they had smuggled in inside of a larger Cisco router and needed help with it. That made no sense either but I was glad they were asking for help and were not me up.

It was lunchtime so we paraded across the grounds. For some reason I was driving a golf cart. I parked it next to the sergeant’s car. It was crooked in the slot so I picked up the back and moved it over to make it parallel. One of the women reached down and started the engine again. It didn’t make any sense why she would do that.

We walked through the kitchen and saw on the floor, half a cricket and a dead frog laying on it’s back with a missing leg. The girls freaked out but I was betting it was a joke to make us think that the food was composed of crickets and frogs.

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Google search falling behind?

gglI don’t know about you, but I am having an increasingly difficult time finding the answers I am searching for on Google.  I’m not sure what is going on.

Lately I find that doing the same search on Yahoo turns up actual answers that just don’t appear in Google.

Is Google losing touch with it’s basic function?  Maybe it’s time to move on.