New Year 2016


Time is going so fast now.  2015 blew by in the blink of an eye.  I can’t be much longer before this ludicrous speed rips the entire universe apart.

All I can say is, “Here we go again.”

I’m not really sure I feel the fact that it is a new year.  In reality, it doesn’t really mean anything.  It’s just another day in the movement of the Earth.  We humans place special meaning to certain times of our “year” like the first day, our birthdays, Christmas etc.

What we think is all that matters so, “Happy New Year!”

The start of a “Fresh” year is often a good time to make your resolutions to better yourself this next time through.  Until recent years, I’ve really never made resolutions.  I usually prefer to play it by ear.  As I get older, it kind of makes more sense to set goals whether you can keep them or not.

So what are my resolutions for 2016?  Hmm.  I haven’t given it much thought but there’s the old standbys:

  1. Lose a little weight.  If I could lose 5-10 lbs, that would be great.
  2. Find a friend.  Always a good goal.  Never achieved.
  3. Get an erotic massage.  Getting closer to doing this.
  4. Slow time down.  Haven’t figured this one out completely.

That pretty much covers it.   Let’s see what happens.