Hit and Run

h&RHow about that!  Today i was driving on the highway, not even rush hour, some guy runs right into me from behind.   There were no screeching tire sounds.  He didn’t even try to stop.  It was a jarring hit that I felt in my neck.  I knew for sure my car was done-for.

I started to pull over to the shoulder and this guy floors it down the highway.  I floored it as well to try to get his license plate.  After about a mile he was far enough ahead and weaving through traffic that it would have been unsafe to try to catch up to him.   All I could tell is that he was driving a smaller sized light-brown or gray SUV.

I exited the highway to asses the situation.  I was at least pleasantly surprised to see no major damage.  The bumper cover was detached from one of the clips on the side which I easily kneed back into place.  I crawled under the back to see if there was any damage behind the bumper.  It all looked OK.   It was a good thing I was moving forward at the time of it would have been much worse.  I’m so glad because it felt like a massive smash.

I drove to work and called the police to report the incident.  They said they would send a cop to my house later this evening to take the report.  It might come in handy if damage turns up or I need medical treatment.  Maybe someone in the area got his license number.

What did we learn from this incident?

  1. He had to be texting because he didn’t even try to stop before hitting me.
  2. The sombitch apparently did not have insurance.
  3. He was an asshole.
  4. I’ve lost more of my faith in humanity.

Here in San Antonio, there are a large number of illegal aliens driving around without insurance.  Can’t wait until Donald Trump deports them all.