The Ultimate Presidential Candate

cnddtEvery four years we have a long and expensive presidential election where we end up with some person who doesn’t do what we need to have done.

The whole elected official idea is outdated and represents a time when the world was not connected.  It was a time before even telephones and a people needed to actually, physically send representatives to a centralized government location so they could take care of business.

In today’s world of immediate communication with anyone anywhere, having a single person try to lead is completely unnecessary.  All decisions can be made by popular consensus directly from the people via an app on their phone.  Simple.

If nothing else, we need to have some kind entity that actually represents the things that a normal person would want.  Even the person we end up voting for is usually the lesser of our choices of evil where he may or may not properly represent us.

If only we could mix and match up a President from the best attributes from each candidate.  Chop them up and assemble the ultimate President.

What would the ultimate president look like?  Let’s look what we all want:

  1. He would eliminate wasteful spending and earmarks because that’s just wrong.
  2. End lobbying so the rich don’t always get their way.
  3. Fix the medical and insurance system by regulating prices.
  4. Reform taxes so we don’t have to give away our hard-earned money.
  5. End illegal immigration so we can all have jobs.
  6. Fix social security by keeping the money IN the social security system.
  7. Build a strong military so nobody will screw with us.
  8. End political correctness so we can be ourselves again.
  9. Allow religious freedom but prevent religions from imposing their beliefs on others.
  10. Reduce the size of government by cutting unnecessary programs.
  11. Most importantly: Leave the people alone so they can live life their own way.

Who would not want to live in a country like that?
Come on people.  Get it done.  We’re not getting any younger.