Dreamblog – Bootcamp

btcmpMy dreams never cease to amaze me.

It was my first day in a military boot camp. I got off the bus and we were sorted into our groups. Somehow I and an old friend from elementary school, Duwayne, were select to join the women’s barraks. We were told it was because we were short. Duwayne was short but I’m over 6′ so it didn’t make sense. I think it was because we were computer geeks and they didn’t think we were capable of the strenuous workout ahead. They might be right. I was kind of glad for that but expected to be severely harassed by the guys.

As we were unpacking some of the guys came over and showed me a wireless router they had smuggled in inside of a larger Cisco router and needed help with it. That made no sense either but I was glad they were asking for help and were not me up.

It was lunchtime so we paraded across the grounds. For some reason I was driving a golf cart. I parked it next to the sergeant’s car. It was crooked in the slot so I picked up the back and moved it over to make it parallel. One of the women reached down and started the engine again. It didn’t make any sense why she would do that.

We walked through the kitchen and saw on the floor, half a cricket and a dead frog laying on it’s back with a missing leg. The girls freaked out but I was betting it was a joke to make us think that the food was composed of crickets and frogs.

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