The Power of Love

drtydlYou might be expecting me to drivel on about how love changes your life.  Blah blah about how love is a wonderful thing.  Well, I know not of these things.

I’m about to share an observation I’ve made over the many years of my existence.  You have of course heard about how a person who is loved generally lives a longer life than those of us who do without.  I’ve noticed that love is not just an emotion, it is more of a force.  I’ve noticed that inanimate objects that you love will last far longer than a similar object that is not.

A car, for example, will last forever if it is loved.  My car just hit the 100,000 mile mark and still feels and acts like new.  I was recently even amazed when I noticed that the inside of my exhaust pipe is not even black or rusted.  It’s still shiny new metal.  My car has never even been in for any kind of repair.  As long as I don’t smash it I’ll bet it will last another 100K miles.

Take the same year and model car seen in the parking lot that the owner doesn’t love.  It’s looks like crap and probably spends a lot of time in the shop.  There’s something to that.

Toys are also good examples. (Not that cars aren’t toys.)  A loved toy stays in good condition where an unloved toy falls apart.  Computers are good examples too.  Unloved computers end up full of malware and viruses.

There are plenty of examples but all you have to do is look around.  Want to keep your stuff in good condition?  Love it or lose it!