Dreamblog – The Cornfield

crnfldI was driving a semi-truck in a small town not far from the city.  Someone was in the passenger seat.  We were with a group of people.  I followed the vehicle in front of me as he turned left onto a dirt road.  The tiny road ran along the left side of a corn field.  After about half a mile, we turned right and began following a path right through the corn which was brushing against the side of the truck.

As we reached the far side of the field we entered a clearing where we stopped.  There were some small storage sheds where we unpacked our bags.  I had with me about five shirts and one extra pair of underwear so I expected we were staying for five days.  I wondered how the underwear thing was going to work out.

It was warm and I was wearing a tank top and shorts.  A few of the guys were tossing around a Frisbee.   I was delighted when they tossed it to me like I was a regular person.  I caught it and backed up to throw it back.  It went off to the left.  It takes a lot more skill than you would think to toss a Frisbee straight.  They thew it to me a few more times and I got better at it.  There were some large storage racks like you would see in a warehouse that kept getting in the way.

A little later I walked down a path in the corn a little ways and found that there was a corn maze with a bunch of girls running around in it.   I went back to the group of guys I was with and told them about it.  They weren’t interested so I set off toward the maze by myself.

The path became a city street.  I saw someone I knew and asked them how to get to the maze.  They said to just go see Joe.  At the end of the street there were a bunch of people milling about.  There were a couple of cops leaning against something with their caps pulled down over their eyes, napping.  I figured they were paid off and there just for cover.

I joined a line of people who each picked up a black music stand and carried it into a building.  I did the same.  Inside was a guy with a forklift who then carried the stands back outside again.  After we put the music stand down we each picked up a box of books and carried it through a doorway where we stood in a short line.  At the end of the line we put the box down and a woman stood there with an immunization gun attached to a hose.  She immediately gave me a shot in the arm and pushed a pill down my throat like you would give medication to a dog.  It was a combination of amphetamine and marijuana.  We were not allowed to enter the maze without the shot and pill.

I woke up before I got to the maze.  Bummer.

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