Happiness is a good reed

obrdAny woodwind musician (except a flute player) can appreciate it when the One Reed reveals itself.  It can make all the difference between confidence and thinking you suck.

Last month we started the new year of Community Band rehearsal after the Holiday break.  My old favorite reed bit the dust so I had to buy a new one.

No, I don’t make my own reeds.  Perhaps I should but I just never got into that.  I generally buy an off-the-shelf reed and tweak it to suit my needs.  I decided to buy a Fox Renard reed and OMG it was terrible!  There was nothing I could do to fix it.  Sorry Fox but, bleah!  I bought one before and forgot how much it sucked.  Hard to imagine that there could be that much difference in brands.

Yeah, I’m blaming the reed but I really felt like I had lost my touch and my confidence.  It seemed like I had forgotten how to play the oboe over the holiday break.

I went out a purchased my favorite brand, Jones.   It was terrible at first but after some break-in time and a little tweaking with my knife, it became AWESOME!  Suddenly I feel confident again and look forward to the next rehearsal.

I’m looking forward to trying out the synthetic Légère reeds as soon as they become available. Old fashioned Plastic oboe reeds are a big no-no.  Want to sound like a duck? Get one.  Légère reeds are not regular plastic though.  A girl in the band who bought a Légère reed for her bassoon suddenly became 500% better.  The sound was wonderful and she was able to concentrate on the music instead of fighting with the reed all the time.  Can’t wait to try one on my oboe.

Wooooo!  Happy!



2 thoughts on “Happiness is a good reed

  1. I play Alto Saxophone. I used a Légère reed and loved it. However, after several years it lost its magic. I think I must have worn it out or something. I recently went back to natural reeds on the advice of a clarinet teacher. My sound came back so it must have been the reed. Maybe they need to be replaced periodically?

    1. I’ve heard that they do need to be replaced approximately once a year. They are pretty expensive but for a year of awesomeness I figure it’s worth the price.

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