Dreamblog – Wasps and Bees

wspI keep have recurring dreams that involve bees and wasps.  I’m not sure why because I’m not afraid of bees.  I have a good relationship with bees and rescue them from drowning themselves in my swimming pool all the time.

Wasps, on the other hand, I do have a bit of a war with.  I’m not afraid of them so to speak.  I’ve been bitten a number of times and it’s no big deal.  I just make sure to come back and exact my revenge.   I do my best to spray any nest that I find on my property and I don’t save them when they try drowning themselves in my pool.  In fact, I help them do it properly.

And yes, I mean WASPS.  They’re only “Yellow Jackets” if you’re a redneck.

When I was young, I might have been allergic to wasp stings.  When I got stung my mom made a big deal about it even though I don’t remember any special reaction to the sting itself.  I’m guessing that that is where I get the “fear” of them from.  Memories made in childhood can be especially powerful.  There’s also that horrible feeling of the wasp trying to release itself from your skin as it flaps it’s wings against your body as struggles. EWWWWW!

Last night I woke up as I was dreaming a bee was crawling down my back.  I leapt out of bed like a crazyperson.  I also keep seeing wasp nests all over the place and I don’t have any spray.

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