hppyI just wanted to share with myself for future reference the fact that I am quite happy.  It’s Monday and I’m at work and rather than being in a state of perpetual anger I am happy enough to feel good.   I’ve actually been this way for quite some time now and I have a few thoughts that might document the contributing factors.

I’ve been trying a supplement called Chasteberry Fruit or Vitex.  It’s kind of what it sounds like.  It is a plant supposedly used by monks in the old days to help them concentrate on their studies rather than sex.  I found it by searching the net for some relief.  I’ve been taking it for a month so far and I think it is really helping me out.  There’s always the placebo effect to wonder about but in this case I really feel that it is somewhat effective.  It has been a good while since I’ve felt the frustration of not being able to fulfill the human desire for sex.   I like it.  It’s damn awesome!  Happy Pills!

I’m also relatively enjoying my new job.  I’ve been here for a year now this month and I can tell you that it’s far better than my last job that I sat miserably in for 18 years.  Take my advice and get a new job if you hate your old one.  It’s totally worth it.

Possibly due to the Chasteberry, I feel completely satisfied to be alone.  Getting home after a day of work and being able to do nothing and not feel that I should be going somewhere with somebody is wonderful.

Overall.  I feel good.  Duh nu nu nu nu nu nuh.  I knew that I would. Du nu nu nu nu nu nuh.  OW!