Don’t steal my weekend, holiday or vacation.

strdyTake my advice and never tell someone when you have a holiday or vacation scheduled or they will try to steal it from you.
I work hard all week and by the end of each day, I’m wiped out. The best I can do is veg out on the couch and watch a few hours of TV before going to bed and start over again tomorrow. When glorius Saturday finally arrives, I have much to do that just didn’t happen during the week. Yardwork, laundry, projects, maintenance, resting and relaxing.
I live in fear of the dreaded, “What are you doing this Saturday?” from some random person who either wants to do something I don’t think is fun or wants me to do something for them. I hate to have to say no but I need my Me Time. Saturdays, Holidays and Vacations are precious and hard to come by. They only last a few hours anyway so you have to make sure to use them wisely and not be sitting around waiting for someone to show up or sitting around wishing they would go away so you can attend to your stuff before the work week starts again.
If you’re lucky enough to have friends who like to do fun things that you enjoy then that may be different and you should take advantage of it. If not, they’re wasting your time.
It’s strange that nobody likes going to work yet we still all agree to spend the majority of our lives doing it. Can’t we come to an agreement to a three day work week? Who wouldn’t want that? Am I the only one who desires work-life balance?