The winter that wasn’t

nosnwIt’s mid February and it is 80 degrees outside. Global Warming is really starting to make changes to our planet.  San Antonio only had one freeze this year and it was so wimpy the plants didn’t even notice.  The grass is still green and the trees are confused.

Lows in the 40s and highs in the 80s would be wonderful in the summer but I waited a long time for the 100 degree summer to end so I could recharge with a few months of cold.  This year I didn’t even touch my woodpile.  It was too warm to use the fireplace.

I should be out taking advantage of the nice weather but I spend all my time at work.  Next weekend I think I’ll plan an RV camping trip.

I really thought we would get some snow this year.  I guess Global Warming gives new meaning to “Endless Summer”.