Summer in February

sprnglvsIt’s mid-February and it is officially Summer in Texas.  Thanks to Global Warming we are now experiencing a most unprecedented change in climate.

February is usually the coldest part of “winter” in San Antonio.  I always look forward to it so I can enjoy sitting in front of a nice crackling fire and relax in my recliner while reading or watching TV.

This year I didn’t even use my fireplace.  I spend all the long summer looking forward to it and this year I was totally ripped off. It’s my favorite thing! At least I’ll have plenty of firewood next year.

Today is February 20th and it was 80 degrees outside.  The trees are already growing their new leaves and the grass is greening up.  I had to use my air conditioner all day.  This is totally insane.  I watch the weather channel to see reports of winter storms and heavy snow but I don’t believe them.  I’m pretty sure it is done with computers these days.  CGI has come a long way.

Each year it gets warmer so I guess winter is a thing of the past now.  There are kids here who are graduating from high school who have never seen snow.  I guess they never will.  Thanks Obama!