Memory – Backyard Camping

I’m siting in my RV out at Garner State Park waiting for some rice to cook when an old camping memory surfaced. I camp alone because there’s nobody else to come with me. I was recalling a time when I was a young boy and my friend Vincent and John who live two houses down were going to camp out in their back yard. I’d been camping before with my parents but they had not.

We set up a little tent and were all set. As evening slowly fell, they went inside the house and never came back out. I was pissed off so I yelled out, “Go to hell!!” and walked home. Of course by the time I got two houses down their mom had already called mine and told her what I said. Like I gave a damn.

Finding people who appreciate awesomeness is extremely difficult on this planet. I’m not sure why. I am doomed to enjoy all the awesomeness by myself. I guess that way there is more to go around.