Justice for Bill Cosby

bcsbyI can’t believe what I am seeing.  How can the world treat Bill Cosby in such a horrible manner?

Bill is charged with multiple cases of sexual assault.  He could not only be sued but end up doing time in prison.

This is totally insane. These women are obviously lying about all these terrible things they claim he did to them.  This is the man who did the educational children’s show “Picture pages” when I was a kid.  This is the man who created “Fat Albert“;  a show I watched every Saturday morning teaching children life lessons.  This is the man who sold us Jello Pudding!  This is the man who played the most moral person on TV in “The Cosby Show” teaching the world that black people can be quality citizens.  This is the man who urged his own people to straighten up and fly right.  This man was given the Humanitarian Award by President Bush.  This man had an incredibly positive impact on the entire planet.

I can’t even see how any judge or jury could even entertain the theory the he would sexually assault a bunch of women.  “This is just stupid. Case dismissed!  BAM!”

Even if he did do such things, I think he deserves a free pass.  He should be allowed to rape any woman he wants freely.  Not that he could possibly do that.  I would think that these women would be honored to have had sex with Bill Cosby.  “I had sex with Bill Cosby!  Wooooo!”  How can they pay him back this way?

I certainly hope that if they continue to slander him and ruin his life and my childhood memories by sending him to prison, that President Trump will grant him a full pardon.

This is not the dimension I grew up in.  What have you people done?



If I need something, it will come to me.

tvmtI must lead a charmed life.  It seems that whenever I need something, it comes to me.

I bought a new TV for my RV a while back and decided I might as well put the old one in my bedroom at home but I couldn’t find the stand.  I just propped it up against the wall on the top of the dresser.

Today I went for a walk to buy myself a lottery ticket and low and behold, there was a TV mounting bracket just sitting there on the sidewalk in front of someone’s house meaning they were throwing it out.  All it needed was a few screws of which I have plenty.

Damn!  It’s like the world is reading my mind.  Good things really do come to those who wait. I’m seriously thinking that if the things I want that I can’t get are things I shouldn’t have because if I really needed them, they would reveal themselves.  I think I’m just going to stop struggling for those things.  There are things that I am just not supposed to have and life has a way of making sure you don’t get them unless you absolutely need them and are destined to have them.

Lots of rain in San Antonio

thrnWe’ve actually had a lot of rain in San Antonio this year.  It seems weird after so many years of dryness.  The lawn looks so happy.

Even though it feels strange it’s not really that far off from normal.  We often get a fair amount of rain in the spring before they turn the oven up to maximum and break off the handle for 8 months.

I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Best Birthday Present Ever – Chinese Massage

cmsgHappy Birthday to Me!

The best birthday present you ever get is the one you give to yourself.  Other people give you crap.

A Chinese massage has been on my to do list for years now but as a new experience, I was afraid.  I decided a few months ago that on my birthday, I would do it.  No doubts about it.

So today finally came and after a long day at work, I finally pulled into the Chinese Massage shop just up the street.  I’d passed by it many times recently but today was the day.  My heart was beating quickly with anxiety not knowing what to really expect.  I’ve read reviews but they’re all different.

The lobby was very dark and consisted of a counter, a large corner couch and multiple doors leading to small rooms along the wall.  I was greeted warmly by a young Chinese girl who asked, “Massage?”  “Yes, Please”, I said.  She asked how long in broken english but I’ve spent enough time in Chinese restaurants to get the feeling of what they are saying.  I asked for the 60 minute massage which was listed as $60.00 on the price board.  I handed her the $60 in cash and she lead me to one of the rooms.

There was a low massage table there with nice clean sheets and the hole where your face goes.  It was very dark.  She turned on a small lamp and a CD player with some nice relaxing music.  She showed me a bin where I should put my clothes and said to lie down on the table.  Heart still beating quickly.  I took $30.00 for a tip and placed it on the lamp table.  I took off all my clothes and laid myself face down on the table.  There was a towel to cover up with but I wanted to make sure that everything got massaged so I didn’t bother with it.

It was maybe 5-7 minutes before she came back which was fine because the music was calming. She apologized for taking so long. There were other customers so I understood.  Not a problem.

She started massaging my back and asked, “Strong?”.  I said, “Strong.”  She massaged a little harder.  It was not a major quality massage but a girl was touching me so I didn’t care.  It still felt wonderful.  She did a good job on my shoulders, back and down on my buttocks.  I was enjoying it very much.  She spent quite a bit of time on my back with a variety of massaging techniques.  Down on my buttocks, she occasionally tickled my crack region making me giggle.  She giggled too.

After a while she said to turn over.  She touched my penis and said, “OK?”   I said, “OK!”  She held up 4 fingers.  “40 dorrar.”  I smiled and said, “OK!”  I kind of expected a bit of a frontal chest massage first but that’s OK.  She got extra lotion and gave it a nice rub until it was done.  She was a little quick on that.  I would have preferred a little slower, longer technique but it was the first time anyone has ever touched my penis so anything was good.   She went and got a nice hot towel and cleaned me up then dried me off with a clean towel.

She massaged my arms and hands then my legs for a while.  I smiled at her generously and she smiled back.  I told her it was a very nice massage.  When she was done she said, “Finished.” and left the room while I started getting dressed.  Before I was done, she came back in and gave me a bottle of water.  I handed her the $40 plus $10 I found in my pocket.  $110 for a wonderful birthday massage = Totally worth it.  I said Thank You in my attempt at Chinese.  “Shea-Shea”  She was surprised that I tried and repeated it back plus a little more Chinese that I, of course, didn’t understand.  She told me to come back and I guarantee I will.  I drove home on Cloud 9 not even noticing the traffic around me.

I think I’ll treat myself every few months at least.  Maybe I’ll become a massage connoisseur and try out various shops.  I’m glad I finally made myself do it.  It was on my New Years Resolution list and my bucket list.  Check those off.   The first time you do something is always the toughest.  After that you ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long.”  Life is short enough so Do Stuff while you can.


A Diamond Among Ogres

dmndI usually go about my life keeping to myself.  I see other people but I don’t really look at them.

Ever since I was a kid, I had a low sense of self-esteem.  I felt ugly because nobody else would ever look at me.  They still don’t look at me but as I said before, I don’t look at others either.  Apparently this is a common practice among the Humans.  We all mill about in our self-absorbed state either lost in our own head or in our cell phone.  But I digress.

Today I stood in various check-out lines doing my weekend-cram shopping like the other 7 billion people on this planet locked into the matrix of the daily grind.  I looked around at the girls I see looking for a hint of what I might consider to be beauty.  I realized that I spent 47 years being an ogre amongst royalty yet if I really look closely.  I’m just an ogre among ogres.  In fact, In comparison, I might actually be a diamond.  Let’s not digress into the frustrating fact that girls don’t look at me at all.  I still haven’t figured that out.  I guess I’m and invisible diamond.  That’t the rarest type.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not one of those high-on-myself types that can only be attracted to a young, beautiful princess.  In fact, just the opposite.  I feel far more attracted to female ogres than princesses.  The strange part is that among all the ogresses I see, I feel no physical attraction.  San Antonio is a city full of gross people.  I hate to be racist but with such a high population of hispanics here, the people all look like they were beaten with the ugly stick.

It’s not just the outside I look at.  I can handle the exterior ugly.  I see by their actions that they are ugly on the inside.  When I see a physically beautiful girl I think:  What a bitch!   She looks self-absorbed and high maintenance.   When I see hispanic girls trying to look pretty I think: Slut.  You know she’s doing any guy who comes along.  Wearing those tiny short shorts on those fat clumpy legs.

I’ve rambled on so long now I don’t even know what my point was.  This post just turned into a rant.  Well, you’ve got to let it out sometimes and you will often learn something about yourself.