If I need something, it will come to me.

tvmtI must lead a charmed life.  It seems that whenever I need something, it comes to me.

I bought a new TV for my RV a while back and decided I might as well put the old one in my bedroom at home but I couldn’t find the stand.  I just propped it up against the wall on the top of the dresser.

Today I went for a walk to buy myself a lottery ticket and low and behold, there was a TV mounting bracket just sitting there on the sidewalk in front of someone’s house meaning they were throwing it out.  All it needed was a few screws of which I have plenty.

Damn!  It’s like the world is reading my mind.  Good things really do come to those who wait. I’m seriously thinking that if the things I want that I can’t get are things I shouldn’t have because if I really needed them, they would reveal themselves.  I think I’m just going to stop struggling for those things.  There are things that I am just not supposed to have and life has a way of making sure you don’t get them unless you absolutely need them and are destined to have them.