Justice for Bill Cosby

bcsbyI can’t believe what I am seeing.  How can the world treat Bill Cosby in such a horrible manner?

Bill is charged with multiple cases of sexual assault.  He could not only be sued but end up doing time in prison.

This is totally insane. These women are obviously lying about all these terrible things they claim he did to them.  This is the man who did the educational children’s show “Picture pages” when I was a kid.  This is the man who created “Fat Albert“;  a show I watched every Saturday morning teaching children life lessons.  This is the man who sold us Jello Pudding!  This is the man who played the most moral person on TV in “The Cosby Show” teaching the world that black people can be quality citizens.  This is the man who urged his own people to straighten up and fly right.  This man was given the Humanitarian Award by President Bush.  This man had an incredibly positive impact on the entire planet.

I can’t even see how any judge or jury could even entertain the theory the he would sexually assault a bunch of women.  “This is just stupid. Case dismissed!  BAM!”

Even if he did do such things, I think he deserves a free pass.  He should be allowed to rape any woman he wants freely.  Not that he could possibly do that.  I would think that these women would be honored to have had sex with Bill Cosby.  “I had sex with Bill Cosby!  Wooooo!”  How can they pay him back this way?

I certainly hope that if they continue to slander him and ruin his life and my childhood memories by sending him to prison, that President Trump will grant him a full pardon.

This is not the dimension I grew up in.  What have you people done?