Texas Rain

IMG_0928Wow!  My pool floweth over!

The rains here in Texas have been pretty impressive this year.   Highly unusual because it never rains in Texas.  Except when it does.

For the last 5-10 years we have been hot and dry with empty lakes and water use limits.  After the last few months, we have more water than we know what to do with.  The lakes are full and flowing over.   Our precious aquifer is at an amazingly high level.  It is safe to say we’re good with our water situation.

There are cases of flooding and people’s houses being washed away but what do you expect when you build your house in a river.  Duh!  I’m happy to see the rain and will be glad if it stays around for a few more months.  One drawback is that the bottom of the door on my TARDIS is starting to rot pretty good.  I guess I can replace it.

A bonus is the cool weather that comes with the rain.  Incredibly humid and unpleasant but we have yet to reach 92 degrees this year.  We’re easily near 100 by now in June.  It is usually around this time that they turn the oven up to maximum and break off the knob until November.  I’m enjoying the rain very much.