Should I buy $100 worth of lottery tickets?

1hndrdI rebuilt a troubled laptop for someone in the band.  It wouldn’t even boot so I backed up the data and reinstalled then upgraded to windows 10.  The laptop is better than new now.

I wasn’t doing it for money.  It was the least I could do for her and her family who basically operates the band.  They saved my life so I was happy to do it at no charge.  She insisted on giving me $100 so I reluctantly took it.  Now I have an extra $100.

Sure I could put in in my bank account and make it slightly larger or I could just act like I never had it and spent it all on quick pick lottery tickets.  Yeah.  Buying lottery tickets is basically throwing money away since the chances of winning the big bucks are very very very small.  100 tickets are not even much better than 1 ticket.  I guess it gives you 100 more chances so that’s 1000 percent better than one.  Right?  Don’t make me do math.

It’s also money I didn’t really have or expect so it’s no skin off my back if I throw it away.  It would buy me 10-11 lunches.  Two weeks worth of free lunch.  It would buy me over two months worth of gasoline.   I don’t really spend all that much relatively on lunch or gas.

I just walked out to the garbage can to put a few more things in and as I looked up, a meteor streaked across the sky.  A sign from above?

There’s always the chance I could win the jackpot and be set for life.  Maybe even a few thousand.  More likely nothing but what the heck.

I’m going to consider it.  Why not?