Domestic Violence: Who’s fault is it? Really?

dmstkvlncEvery day I see reports on the news of domestic violence.  It always makes me wonder.

Women throughout history have always made the mistake of falling for the bad guy.  Is it any surprise that the bad guy is, well, bad?  What did you expect?

It has always been said that Nice Guys Finish Last.  It’s strange just how true it is considering the massive problem with the logic.  Women are supposed to be programmed to seek out the best mate in order for her to procreate.  As bizarre as that is, it is left over from the animal instinct we had in the early days of mankind.  Back then a woman needed a strong person who was bad enough to be able to protect her from whatever may be out there.

Those animal instincts fail to keep up with evolution.  In today’s society, there is no need to fight physically for survival.  The real winner is the man who is smart, gentle and has a quality future.  It’s hard to believe that women are still attracted to the big bad thug who is doomed to dwell in the dregs of life.  You can pretty much tell when you see this guy.  You know he’s going to beat you just by how he looks.  Still. He’s the one you want?  Hmmm.

So if a women decides that a person like that is right for her, then who’s fault is it really?  Don’t blame the bad man.  You picked him.  This is your Life-Choice.  Don’t blow it.