Quick product review – Ryobi One+ hybrid string trimmer

rbistrngtrmrThis morning my old string trimmer started smoking and actually burst into flames while I was using it.  It was pretty cool however now I can’t trim my grass.

I popped over to Home Depot to see what I could find and ran across the Ryobi One+ hybrid string trimmer.  It uses Robi’s standard 18V lithium battery that works in all the One+ line of tools.  The kicker was that it is also a hybrid meaning you can use an extension cord too.  The price was $99.00 so I bought it.

If you already have the battery and charger you can get this trimmer for as low as $29.00.   I already did but the store didn’t offer the trimmer only so I went ahead and bought the set.

Assembly was easy.  All you have to do is attach the guard and the handle.  You only need a phillips head screwdriver.  I put the battery in the charger and gave it some time to charge.

When it was ready, I went outside and tested it out.  I immediately found a few cons:

1.  It is kind of wimpy.  I kind of expect that from a battery powered trimmer so I was not really surprised.  Even though it is wimpy, it is still effective so I’ll let that go.  I plugged in the extension cord and was delighted to see that it was far more powerful running on regular power.  I will probably use the battery most of the time since my trimming is pretty simple.  The convenience of not needing an extension cord kind of make up for the lack of power in battery mode.

2. The string that it comes with is very small.  Unless it is made of really strong plastic I think I will be burning through it pretty quickly.  I’m going to see if I can use thicker string when that time comes.

3. The trimmer seems to feed line out every time you turn it on whether it needs it or not.  You can hear it hitting the blade that trims it to length.  Bad engineering!  Bad!  Unless you are selling trimming string and want people to buy a lot of it.  This pretty much sucks.  Smart designers would make it to where it only feeds line when you tap it on a surface like they used to do.  This was a perfect mechanism that didn’t need to be improved on.

I’m going to keep it anyway.  I think it is good enough and I like the hybrid power thing.  Maybe I can replace the head so it can use better string and not waste it.  I’m not sure I can recommend it to regular people though.

Hey Ryobi.  The next time you build something, run it by me first and I’ll make sure it is engineered correctly.