Naked Fireworks

nkdfwrksAnother 4th of July has come and gone.  I enjoyed a really nice three-day weekend plus one more day off for extra relaxation.  I didn’t go anywhere or see anyone.  Independence day is a time when people get together with their family and friends and eat, drink and pop fireworks.  I don’t have any of that so I do it my way.

It was a typical 100 degree July weekend in San Antonio so I of course spent it naked.   I did some yardwork, swimming in the pool and hot tubbing.  I watched plenty of TV and Youtube.

On the 4th I grilled up some fajitas for dinner then waited for nightfall so I could pop some of my leftover fireworks from New Year’s Eve.  I still had some large bottle rockets, half a box of fancy mortars and various small things. This is the first year I did my fireworks naked and I liked it.

It always amazes me that people wear clothing all the time.  God that would suck.  Wouldn’t this be a much better world if everybody was naked?   We would all realize that we are all the same.  We would all be much more comfortable too.  I was born in the wrong universe.  Aliens don’t wear clothing and they are far more advanced than we are.