Dreamblog – Back in the University

hvrdunvIt’s amazing how many times my dreams return to being in college.  I never dream bout high school.

It is, I’m sure, a common anxiety dream where I am back in school as if I have missed a few weeks or months and am trying to find my classroom.  I tried each floor until something looked familiar.  I walked down the hallway until I recognized the professor’s voice. He sounded and looked similar to Michio Kaku.  I sneaked in to the lecture hall and sat in the back row.

The teacher walked around the room as he was talking and kept popping up in different places dressed differently. I was very drowsy and had a hard time staying awake.  I felt something warm leaning against me which I thought was the student in the next chair but it was a cat.  I sat there petting the cat while doing my best to stay conscious.

At the end of the class I walked down to the front of the room and noticed how easy it was to see other students who were passed out.

There was more to this dream but it is already the evening later and I don’t remember any more of it.  You really have to write your dreams down immediately or they evaporate.  I’m lucky to remember this much.



One thought on “Dreamblog – Back in the University

  1. Hello MaxPower,

    I also seem to dream of college (and school) related things a lot, especially former classmates, the part where the teacher was popping up in different places wearing different clothing was unusual and interesting.

    I recommend that people voice record their dreams in bed if possible using a device kept by their bed, it is quick and easy, and they can go back to sleep if they want.

    Thank you for sharing your dream.

    -John Jr

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