Don’t judge others

dntjdgI’ve written on this subject before once.  Maybe twice.  I don’t remember.  But that’s the problem.  It is a life-lesson that I keep forgetting.

So what is wrong with judging others?  It’s much more than just being about letting others be.  Judging other people makes you feel bad because you end up just noticing how stupid other people appear to be and soon you are the only person left on the planet.

Judging others has become the national pastime of the United States.  There was a time when we were all good and it was OK to live and let live.   It was the time back a few decades ago when America was Great.  Slowly, and for reasons I haven’t been able to put my finger on, we all started to get up in other people’s business and do our utmost job to prevent them from being happy.   I think it has something to do with diversity.  Back in the day, all similar people congregated together and everything was normal.  As we were forced to integrate, we started seeing other people with strange customs and actions as “wrong”.  We have no option but to judge them according to what we know.

The decay or morality also has much to do with it.  Lot of bad people out there these days.

See how easy it is to start judging?  Maybe it’s human nature.  Lately I’ve been noticing myself doing it and it make me feel bad inside.  I feel better when I notice it and prevent myself from getting angry at the perceived stupidity of others.

I’m challenging myself to Live and Let Die.   If people want to be stupid and it makes them happy, they it should be allowed.  This is ‘Merica after all.   We used to be able to be stupid and it was OK.   Freedom!  FREEEEEEEDOMM!   Pursuit of happiness and all that!  I challenge you to recognize your jusgementation.  I’ll bet you will be surprised how often you do it each day.