The Doctor said I could have sex. LOL!!!!!!

dctrI went to the doctor for my two week follow-up after my heart angioplasty.  We didn’t have as much time as I wanted to ask all my questions.  I also forgot to write the questions down so it probably wouldn’t have mattered.  He received a text that someone was having a heart attack and had to leave for the emergency room.

One of the things he said nearly killed me.  He said, “It’s OK to have sex but take it easy.”

It took everything I had to bite my tongue and not say anything.  I appreciated the fact that he might assume that someone would want to have sex with me.  Or the fact that having sex was something I did.  Kind of like a regular person.

I wanted to say, “As if!!!”

Well?  The doctor said it was OK.  Anyone want some?

No?  I didn’t think so.